Our Swingset Relocation Service We Offer At Second Glance Swingsets And More!!

A swingset and or shed is a large investment for any organization or family. There may come a time when you decide to relocate and you do not want to leave your swingset or shed behind. Second Glance Swingsets and More are here to help with your swing set and shed relocation. Moving and re-installing a swingset or shed is much more difficult than installing a new swing set or shed from scratch. Special care must be taken to move every piece of equipment and hardware, making sure not to lose anything.

Also, the swingset or shed must be installed exactly as it was before, down to the position of every bolt and screw. This is a difficult task to complete and can only be left to experienced professional installers. 

Far too often we hear from clients that hired an inexperienced person or company to relocate their swingset equipment or shed, although the stories are different, the endings are always the same. The client ends up with equipment that is installed incorrectly, with damaged or missing parts, and in need of a qualified company to come fix the previous companies’ mistakes, usually costing them far more than expected. Don’t make the same mistake, call Second Glance Swingsets and More to move or relocate your swing set or shed.

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